Binary Parcels develops industry-leading transactional data solutions in the cloud

Mobile, FinTech, AdTech or Retail - we've helped define industry standards

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Binary Parcels defines, designs & develops Enterprise-Grade SaaS and Data platforms. We’ve defined multiple industry-leading platforms across Mobile, FinTech, AdTech, Payments & Retail verticals.



Binary Parcels transforms ideas into enterprise-scale robust technology solutions. We develop products and build teams that are dedicated to meet strategic needs across a spectrum of industries that focus on transforming consumer and enterprise experiences using the power of data.



Tech Veterans on Demand. Or Retainer. Time is of the essence to launch and grow revenue. We expedite inflection through honing your strategy, building a roadmap and bringing ‘new energy’ to your efforts to build IP, client base and revenues.


Our team

Jeff has 25 years of experience in enterprise digital solutions. He has defined industry-standard solutions in mobile & digital marketing. Jeff won #1 AWS Startup of the Year, and defined the business model for leading real-time digital promotions platform in the US. Jeff has played a key role in developing SaaS data solutions now valued in the hundreds of millions. Jeff has led or contributed on 7 USPTO filings related to promotions, real-time data, mobile identity & risk modeling.

Shankha brings expertise at the intersection of mission critical transaction and big data processing systems. He has built highly secure and privacy compliant platforms for Finance, Telecom and Healthcare. Shankha helped develop the core components for the SWIFTNet FIN platform, the global data processing network for international banking transactions in 200+ countries. He also designed and implemented an analytical decision engine for a $500B mortgage debt management platform, and has contributed to US DoD and ONR systems engineering research.

Tarang is expert Data Scientist & Project Lead. He lives & breathes the objectives the client wants to achieve. Tarang's greatest asset is his ability to turn concepts to consensus, to get people deliberating constructively & gets everyone pushing in the same direction. Tarang has been a top consultant in BI & data warehousing projects for mobile telecoms, startups & worldwide consulting firms for 15 years.

Chris is an expert in digital advertising, and a veteran advisor on business model & revenue development for clients. He leads a large team at Merkle, a digital agency. Chris ensures solutions are well positioned & priced vs. marketplace, and that the offering genuinely meets a market need. Chris has a rich history of solving big digital marketing challenges for major brands, mobile telecoms & digital agencies.


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